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Cariba has been providing the highest quality Health & Beauty products from the most innovative creators and USA manufacturers  since 1978.


Originally founded by Stephen Hopwood, a Jamaican by birth with family Distribution experience, Stephen migrated to Florida in 1974 and began consolidating US manufactured products to customers in the Caribbean. Initially focusing on Ethnic Hair Care, but expanded to include a broad spectrum of HBA, OTC & Medical products. Brian Ladell joined Cariba in 1983 to oversee company Sales & Operation.


In 2010, the company was purchased by Rob Harrison & Anece Hughes, which allowed Stephen the opportunity to retire and Brian remained with the company until 2012 to assist with the transition of ownership and then also retired. Cariba prides itself with having a multicultural staff, with the majority of employees having 20+ years of service.


This provides an extensive and diverse knowledge of the markets we serve and allows us to continue to offer the consistent quality customer service that Cariba International has always provided and is known for.






We currently have partnerships in the Caribbean, Central America, South America, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Fiji & Cypress. Our customers happiness and satisfaction with their delivery of our products and service, is our ultimate goal.


The Caribbean market within themselves are truly diverse. In the region rich with cultural heritage you will hear English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Creole and a plethora of dialects of these languages. The migration of Africans, Europeans, Asians, Middle Easterners has produced a mosaic of people as beautiful as the countries themselves.


Experience in this area has given us the ability to adjust to the ever changing global environment with mixes of race, religion and cultural. We continue to expand our product lines and business partners into other regions of the world and offer our services globally.






We represent over 40 first-class United States Manufacturers that produce a variety of Health & Beauty products, over the counter and medical supplies to enrich the quality of lives of consumers all over the world.


Cariba International has partnered with many of these vendors since it's inception and have work very closely with the introduction of various new products into the Caribbean regions and other locations globally.


We continue to work with Industry leaders in the Health & Beauty Category, such as the Ethnic Division of L'Oreal, SoftSheen Carson and Softee.


We expanded from primarily offering Health & Beauty Aids and now we can supply our customers with quality Medical Products for Hospitals and Doctors office uses.


We can also provide over 1400 SKUs of store brand/private label over the counter items.






Core Values / Fundamental Principles

Integrity, Respect, Professionalism & Customer Service




To export a wide range of quality products and provide services to small/mid size customers as well as large multi-location distributors and retailers; accommodating special requests while developing personal relationships with each one of our business partners.

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